• Quest And Pixel
  • Publié le 10/02/2014
  • Quest And Pixel is now available for all to buy on Desura. While it is a small budget game, it represent a lot for our team. 

    1. It mark the first time we use a new engine (Construct 2) since we started developing games.
    2. It is the first game we created for windows, before we created games exclusively for mobile phone.
    3. We're proud to sales our first game on Desura! We heard a lot of good comments about Desura, and it seem everything was true! It is truly a honor to publish our game here!

    Thanks to Quest And Pixel, we're now ready to produce more complex games with the help from Construct 2 and Desura!

    Quest And Pixel on Desura

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  • Update!
  • Publié le 09/11/2014
  • Our site has undergone a few changes to optimize it. It may be that some old links will no longer work! This is also the time to mention that we have at the moment several projects on the table, including Showtime, which finally reaches the end of its development, long, but that allowed us to improve greatly! 

    Other information to follow!

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